Abilitex specialise in professional Painting and Decorating, not only have we kept with the times and continually invested in new innovative products we understand that less disturbance is key.

Unlike the ordinary we use top end professional Festool equipment which includes, HEPA Filtered Dust Extractors and Sanders; HEPA filters remove 99.99% of particulate. In fabrication, dust happens. It’s very small, floats everywhere, lands on everything, dust particles can be particularly troublesome to remove from an environment once airborne. So along with our new equipment and experienced technics we offer a virtually dust free, tidy and clean job thoughout the entire decorating process.

‘A Tidy Way To Do Business’

We offer our services to both the residential and commercial industry’s and hold full public liability insurance.

Abilitex is a member of the Federation of Master Builders and the Painting and Decorating Association, we demonstrate a commitment to a professional, quality workmanship, which in turn maintains excellent practice, confidence and integrity throughout our business activities. We adhere to the highest standards.

Abilitex have secured a close relationship and work in association with SENTINEL Scaffolding Services who specialise in all types of scaffolding and access solutions. With this partnership we have completed numerous exterior properties to the highest standards by using the best equipment and materials possible within our clients budgets.

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Residential Decorating

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Commercial Decorating

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Design Services

Why choose Abilitex?


Flexible to provide services for residents and business by individual requirements. We supply the most flexible painting and decoration services as per your requirements. We ensure first-class services at reasonable prices with the flexibility nature. Most important for us is to pay attention to your individual requirements and to provide the most appropriate services on time. Thus, you can customize painting and decoration services from our professionals.


Innovative to implement various visual ideas using high quality materials as well as and creating new working methods and styles. By using a high-quality materials in the industry we can implement the most innovative visual ideas according to our clients’ expectations and needs. We are happy to learn and use the latest working styles to support clients properly. Our former clients love our working methods and styles because of innovative ideas and our commitment.


Reliable to do the work and share a good advice how to create cozy atmosphere for individual expectations. Our company supplies the most reliable painting and decoration services at the cheapest possible prices. We discuss with clients and share our ideas. We give attention to requirements of clients and suggest the most suitable issues on time. As a result, we are able to create cozy atmosphere as per expectations and budget of our clients.

How we operate?

  • Safety first
  • Quality above the standards
  • Mistakes free work
  • Clean and tidy
  • Overnight services
  • No criminal background

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