Residential & commercial

Abilitex have built up a very reputable company based on a wide-scale client portfolio and have carried out repeated works and tendered for interior/exterior communal works large and small for companies such as, Marytn Gerrard and the Trust Group as well as securing close relationships with valued residential owners. See what our customers say on Google and our testimonials pages.

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Interior decorating

Our services cover all aspects of interior Painting and Decorating.

Exterior decorating

Our services cover all aspects of exterior Painting and Decorating.

Wooden decking

Our services cover the design and installation of Timber Decking.

Scaffolding services

Abilitex have secured a close relationship and work in association with SENTINEL Scaffolding Services who specialise in all types of scaffolding and access solutions. Please visit the contact us page for further information

Interior design services

Abilitex offer interior design services, we create successful and impressive homes and pride ourselves on our attention to detail. The understanding of our clients’ tastes and ambitions means we offer precise awareness of timescales, budget and final results. The end product is a home that is not only beautifully designed but of a quality that will stay current for years to come.

We can also provide a colour scheme service to help you decide on colours. Abilitex will help you decide on a colour/pattern palette that will create a calming atmosphere that still offers great impact. We will experiment with colours and shades combinations until we come up with the warm and welcoming room scheme that is perfect for you.

Colour is a powerful design tool in decorating, and interior design which is the art of composition, we use these colours to understand the psychological effects and meaning of each colour to create suitable combination for each place. Combining colour also gives a certain state of mind, and has positive effects to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user.


Why choose Abilitex?


Flexible to provide services for residents and business by individual requirements. We supply the most flexible painting and decoration services as per your requirements. We ensure first-class services at reasonable prices with the flexibility nature. Most important for us is to pay attention to your individual requirements and to provide the most appropriate services on time. Thus, you can customize painting and decoration services from our professionals.


Innovative to implement various visual ideas using high quality materials as well as and creating new working methods and styles. By using a high-quality materials in the industry we can implement the most innovative visual ideas according to our clients’ expectations and needs. We are happy to learn and use the latest working styles to support clients properly. Our former clients love our working methods and styles because of innovative ideas and our commitment.


Reliable to do the work and share a good advice how to create cozy atmosphere for individual expectations. Our company supplies the most reliable painting and decoration services at the cheapest possible prices. We discuss with clients and share our ideas. We give attention to requirements of clients and suggest the most suitable issues on time. As a result, we are able to create cozy atmosphere as per expectations and budget of our clients.

How we operate?

  • Safety first
  • Quality above the standards
  • Mistakes free work
  • Clean and tidy
  • Overnight services
  • No criminal background